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Junior Burger is Uncle T-Bone and Uncle G - Two motorcycle riding uncles here to play a rock concert for kids like you’ve never seen before.  

The peoples band, and festival favourites Burger Joint have decided it was time the kids were treated to some good times too, after all - They have been playing to family festival crowds for years and have already quite a strong following of kids.  Enter Junior Burger.

Junior Burger is for kids music what Bluey was for kids cartoons - A fresh, uniquely Australian take on what is a market heavily saturated in American accents, patronizing voices and dumbed down music.  Junior Burger doesn’t hold back on the guitar solos and drum fills, because they understand that kids love rock’n’roll as much as mum and dad do.

Their live concerts are high octane, big energy concerts for kids complete with dance competitions, lots of interaction and lots of fun for the parents as well.

Their Debut EP “Totally Unsupervised” is a fun, funky rock odyssey that will have kids dancing, clapping, stomping their feet, helping mum with the dishes and taking the bins out.   

With songs like “help my mum with the dishes”, “Don’t forget to brush your teeth” and “It’s bin night” Junior Burger are here to instill family values with their strong uncle energy and rock n roll anthems, reminding everyone wherever they go to “Always be nice, and always use your manners”.

Totally Unsupervised is available now on all platforms.

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